The nexus between insecurity and food security, AFAN experience


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By Arc Kabir Ibrahim

Insecurity in Nigeria is covering a larger geographical space now than essentially the North East and North West, hitherto!

Every part of the country is grappling with its own form of insecurity today as espoused by discussions in social media often time corroborated by government bulletins.

The most vulnerable segment of the society bearing the brunt of this insecurity is the smallholder farmers (SHFs) who are the engine room of food production in Nigeria, of course, largely due to inadequate mechanization!

The aggregate food production by the smallholder farmers (SHFs) is the bedrock on which the food system rests in Nigeria, therefore extreme care should be taken to offer them the necessary protection to continue the assiduous work to feed the nearly 200,000,000 mouths in Nigeria today.

The farmers cannot readily access their farms in the North East, North West and a good part of the North Central which constitute the food basket of the country so it is…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper