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Welcome to my personal Leanbean review…

I have to say I have never been overweight.

But that does not mean I did not want to look like those utterly shapely, toned and super fit women that I kept seeing on websites and fitness manuals.

You see, I have made up my mind to turn over a new leaf and become fit and lean myself.

But nothing happens just like that in life.

Pursuing this goal of mine meant setting a target to look a certain way.

There were certain body statistics I aspired to including waist measurements and other stuff.

The problem arose when this stubborn patch of roundness around my belly simply refused to melt away.

To achieve this, I tried diets of all kinds, rigorous and seemingly impossible, I bent my body into inhuman shapes, but all to no avail.

I realized I needed something that would target stubborn fat pockets and melt them away with use while not causing any harmful side effects.

Discovering Leanbean to help me in my quest for fat burn has been one of…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper