Dangers of silencing the media



By Tonnie Iredia

In times of crisis, all groups in society are encouraged to come up with what they understand to be the contentious issues at stake. The expectation is that an aggregation of all suchtouchy issues raised by different groups might help to set an agenda for dialogue which is always the best strategy for conflict resolution. Here, there is wisdom in recognizing that by virtue of the heterogeneous nature of Nigeria, our crisis cannot but have several dimensions with each group framing the crisis from a particular prism.

But then, not much is achievable when some opinion moulders (quite often self-appointed) subject other people’s articulation to a self-servingdebate. For example, if the Southern Governors see open grazing as their region’s most acute problem, the best any patriot can do is to suggest what can solve that problem. To quarrel with the region’s perspective can only exacerbate crisis. It is even more fruitless when the narrative is reduced to…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper