Abubakar Malami: A Beer Parlour Logician?


Ugoji Egbujo

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo

And that was the benign picture. Someone said he saw a bigot. Another saw an ethnic jingoist.

My grandmother had warned us not to prattle. That way, we could hide our ignorance from the world. That way, we would not soil ourselves in public with bitterness in our hearts.

Now Malami, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, thinks that a ban on open grazing is akin to a ban on sales of motor spare parts. And he said it, gesticulating like Aristotle. Tomorrow, those naughty Ghanaians will start mocking Nigeria again.

I had once told a few friends to spare Malami, cut him some slack. Brilliant people can suffer stage fright. We had watched him during the first senate screening. Tense, rigid, voluble and loud. His composure and elocution were that of a clumsy secondary school student floundering in a debating competition, lobbing jargons and ill-fitted sentences at his audience. An amateurish and futile eagerness to come across as intelligent. That day, I stood by Malami…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper