Mega Pastors and Mega Churches


Walking by faith and not by sight (1)

By Femi Aribisala

The popularity of a church is eloquent testimony of failure and not of success.

Pastors contradict the counsel of the Lord without batting their eyelids. They plant church parishes like supermarkets in every street corner. They build cathedrals and church monuments like World Trade Centres, each one striving to be the biggest and most splendiferous in the universe.

They gather thousands, even millions, of “worshippers” in front of television cameras every so often on the mountains of Kilimanjaro. They are the new spiritual superstars; the mega-pastors of the mega-churches.

While the emphasis of some mega-churches on branch-networking and exponential growth might be a wonderful policy for a fast-food chain, as a framework for a Christian organisation, it has tended to produce half-baked pastors.

Carnal growth

In the world today, success in “churchianity” is measured by the size of the congregation and not by changed lives. Accordingly, highfalutin…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper