With ‘Everything Good EP’, Hi-Speed gets back into limelight


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By Ayo Onikoyi

After the dark night comes sunshine that gives hope and a better life. This statement aptly describes how fast-rising singer and songwriter, Dauda Suleiman, popularly known as Hi-Speed is feeling at the moment with the release of his much-talked about EP, entitled ‘Everything Good’.

After he lost his brother and singing partner to the cold hands of death about two years ago, Hi-Speed’s music career experienced a lull that silenced him for a while but the singer said the sober moment was necessary to mourn his good brother and friend.

In the grieving moment, he was silently working and paying close attention to his craft and telling his team to get everything ready for the release of his EP. Living true to his promise, Hi-Speed, on May 20th dropped his latest body of work to the delight of his fans as they welcomed the new project with open arms and positive reviews.

Describing the “Everything Good” EP as a music project that signals the birth of a new…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper