France and the Perils of Tributary Pan-Africanism


Obadiah Mailafia

By Obadiah Mailafia

I WENT to school in France; the beneficiary of a prestigious French Government scholarship that enabled me to spend some of my most formative years in that wonderful country. I studied French Language and Civilisation in Vichy, in the Auvergne Region – the very heartland of France itself. I then did post-graduate studies in Economics, Public Administration and International Law in the incomparable City of Lights (Paris).

As a young man, I immersed myself in the cultural and intellectual life of France; attending musical concerts; visiting art museums; talks by famous philosophers and statesmen. I spent summer breaks with a family in the Auvergne countryside; reciting the poems of Lamartine by candlelight; downing gallons upon gallons of vintage Bordeaux with cheese.

France opened her arms to me as a young man. I reciprocated by plunging headlong with aplomb and abandon. I occasionally attended mass at Cathedral de Notre-Dame; went mountain climbing at the Puy…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper