Okowa and the coming battles ahead


Emmanuel Aziken

It is arguable if anyone among his fellow political actors was as prepared as Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa for the kind of positions he has held.

Starting off from medical school he has held among others, secretary to the local government, chairman of local government, commissioner, Secretary to the State Government, Senator, and now governor.

The steady climb according to those who knew him as a student was shocking, given what they claimed as his seeming quietness as a student.

Your correspondent did not meet him at Edo College, Benin, but friends who studied with him at University College, Ibadan claims he didn’t show signs of the political giant he has become today.

An amiable façade, according to those who know him covers a sophisticated political mind that has overwhelmed giants.

It is against this background that Deltans, and indeed, Nigerians are watching with interest the emerging political developments around the 2023 governorship contest in Delta State.

Okowa seems to have…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper