‘Worship God sincerely to avoid torment in grave’



A Muslim Cleric, Imam Garba Alyolawi, has urged Muslims to worship Allah with sincerity and be kind to fellow beings, so as to escape the torment of the grave when they are no more.

Alyolawi, who is the Imam of Area 10 Jumaat Mosque, Garki, Abuja, gave the admonition in his Jumaat sermon at the mosque on Friday.

He said that the grave constituted a stop-gap between death and the day of judgement, where the souls of righteous people would enjoy comfort and evil doers are punished before the day of judgement.

“In Islam, the term grave (Qabr) constitutes a third stage of human existence, the first two being the womb and worldly life.

“It is a period following death but prior to the day of judgement, when the souls of righteous people would be pleased and disbelievers and evil doers are punished before their final destination.

“Our departure from this world is inevitable. Grave is but a transitory place; a mere passage to our permanent abode, while the hereafter is for…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper