Experts make case for periodic eye check-up




Medical experts have urged Nigerians to embrace the culture of periodic eye check-up as means to curb the growing cases of eye related infections, diseases and defects.

Similarly, the experts also warned against patronising quacks while treating eye infections to avert the risk of potential blindness. 

Speaking during a Twitter Live interview to promote eye-care in Nigeria, Dr. Ogunbekun Oladapo, an Ophthalmologist, resident at Eye Foundation Hospital in Lagos, said that larger population of Nigerians who resort to self-medications lack awareness and live in poverty.

However, he posits that the temptation of going through the none-medical route must be resisted vehemently. 

“It is better to seek the help of a certified ophthalmic practitioner,” Dr. Oladapo, strongly recommended.

He argued that unauthorised eye-care medication is harmful to the eye and can induce blindness. 

“Some people are fond of using urine, breastmilk, kafra, sea or ocean water,…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper