Twitter Ban: Ondo Lawmaker warns FG not to push young people to streets


Twitter Ban

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A member of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Tomide Akinribido, has urged the Federal government of Nigeria to immediately reverse the controversial suspension of Twitter operations and avoid pushing young people to the streets to protest.

The 33yr old lawmaker “queried where the government derived the legality to arbitrarily deny millions of Nigerians access to one of the world’s most popular information and communication platforms, which is an infringement on the fundamental rights of citizens to expression and information”.

Akinribido admonished the the federal government to do all it can to avoid pushing the already frustrated youths of Nigeria into the streets in protests.

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“The federal government must realize that Twitter provides a means of livelihood for thousands of Nigerians and suspending the operations of Twitter simply translates into throwing…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper