COVID-19: Africa may not achieve vaccination target by 2022 unless… – Dr. Muhamud




•Says G7 Summit’ll address vaccine misinformation, others

By Charles Kumolu, Deputy Editor

Dr. Aminu Muhamud is a medical professional based in England. He taught at the University of Liverpool f or 10 years, after which he worked in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Mahamud is currently the CEO of a pharmaceutical company in  Liverpool.

In this interview, he speaks on the management of COVID-19 by global superpowers and how the G7 Summit scheduled for June 2, would address vaccine misinformation.

The G7 summit  in Cornwall, UK, is expected to inspire the international community to support vulnerable countries whose economies are currently crippled by COVID-19 pandemic. How do you think this conference will help African countries, especially Nigeria?

 The G7 summit involving the world’s richest industrialized nations would discuss topics such as global vaccine confidence, climate change, and the economy. Efforts are being made to control the spread of COVID-19…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper