Mobiles can also be detrimental to your relationship




By Bunmi Sofola

Sending erotic messages from one cell phone to another has become liberating to the average enthusiast today.  It is no longer news that a lot of mobile users now dabble in typed foreplay and sizzling erotic messages that make the mind boggle!  The devil, they say, makes work for idle hands (thumbs), so why not keep them busy by texting?

When the texting bug first bit, everybody thought it was a teenage craze but it looks like anybody that can master the technique of their mobile instantly becomes hooked!  Only these days, there are some texting etiquette to follow, to make sure you get it right to a T!  With testing going through the roof especially during festive periods, readers need a few tips.

“Before texting became popular, you had to make solid arrangement to see someone before you left the house,” commented a top mobile sales executive.  “Now we’re a lot more flexible and spontaneous – you can be walking down the road, fancy a drink…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper