What Twitter Ban Teaches The World About Nigeria


Twitter ban Nigeria

THE Nigerian government thinks Twitter is the greatest source of its misery. After straining at the leash for months, it couldn’t resist swatting the microblogging platform with a ban last week. 

But what does the ban mean, really?

It means that about 40 million users in Nigeria who are mostly young people would be unable to access the service through local service providers. 

This figure is more than the total number that voted for President Muhammadu Buhari in the last two elections combined, over half the total number of those who voted in the general elections of 2019, and nearly three times the number that voted him back in office for his second term in the presidential poll.

  The ban means Buhari’s government is afraid of listening to its own citizens, especially the young ones. According to NOI Polls in November 2019: “Twitter users in Nigeria said that it is most effective in gaining attention for an issue or trending topic.” 

  This was followed…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper