Multi-Party Democracy: Africa’s oversized shoes


Ugoji Egbujo
Ugoji Egbujo

By Dr Ugoji Egbujo

A gift from her white masters.  On democracy days, we must mourn. Democracy is not an end. African countries have worn western liberal multi-party democracy like an oversized shoe—gifted by an uncle—and stumbled from generation to generation. 

Shoes are good. They protect the feet and aid movement. But shoes must fit both feet and purpose. They must be worn well. We have been made worshipers of the concept. Democracy is not sacrosanct. Africa has shortchanged herself by a religious devotion to the western brand of democracy whose prerequisites she lacks. Democracy is a means to the ends of stability, justice, freedom, peace, unity, and progress. Africa must calibrate democracy to fit her peculiarities and shortcomings.

The critical element of democracy is the leadership recruitment process. Once that suffers chronic malfunction, the citizens switch off and abdicate civic and political responsibilities. Rascals assume control. Without…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper