Restructuring: Guide to Nigeria of our dream


Chief Joe Kyari Gadzama
Chief Joe Kyari Gadzama

By Joe Gadzama, SAN

There is no doubt that the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, CFRN, as amended, makes bold statements as to the system of governance the Nigerian State is to practice.

The system professed is Federalism. Federalism connotes a system of governance built on the strength of a nation’s federating units. However, the provisions of the CFRN make the practicability of federalism a herculean task or even an impossible feat. I firmly believe that addressing some of these provisions might just be the flame that can kindle Nigeria’s prosperity to create a country we can all love and enjoy living in.

In the quest to realising a Nigeria of our dream, the practicability of federalism is the linchpin.

I share the sentiment and honestly believe that a successful review of the CFRN to alter the governance structures and reflect true federalism coupled with the religious implementation of the altered structures will set the foundation…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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