Street side of money (1)




By Ochereome Nnanna

At first, I mistook Obi Cubana for Cubana Chief Priest. The latter, a corpulent young man who is always seen flaunting expensive spirits and cash amidst great luxury, runs rampant on Instagram. Apart from endless merriment, he never says anything to entertain my quality attention.

At first, Obi Cubana’s uncommon mother’s burial in Oba was to me just another celebration of money by fast young Igbo men of mysterious means. The same money that millions of Nigerians cannot find to eat, live in decent shelters or pay their children’s school fees was being ruthlessly toyed with.

Bundles of currencies from every conceivable economy were used to play football, and the social media was simply beside itself. Obi Cubana himself came into the picture in bold relief when he opened his mouth to talk. Two interesting matters arose from that unusual funeral.

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The first was a Facebook post by a Bayelsan who threw the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper