Obi or Bubu Cubana! [OPINION]


Obi Cubana


“We are but the atoms in the incessant human struggle towards the light that shines in darkness” – Emma Goldman

Beaten by poverty, haunted by the decadence of morals, we have increasingly found ourselves unable to make moral choices, too ineffectual to recognize what is wrong or right and at the extreme, we roll with a culture that promotes accountability free zone, at private and public lives. With a sealed mind, we have destroyed guilt image processors and shamelessly proudly validate what ordinarily should be morally repellant to a decent society.

 A society that can no longer draw moral lines has entered a breath gasping trough of dastardly death. Where walls of morals collapse, the bridge of law usually caves in, leaving justice sunk in a mire of muddled waters.

In private and public spaces, Nigeria is being turned into a neighbourhood of chaos, with neither norms nor standards to guide an individual or corporate behaviour. She has become a burial ground…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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