Your Excellency, how many votes do you want?


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By Owei Lakemfa

NIGERIA has a long history of Western education. Its first medical doctor, William Broughton Davis graduated in 1858. It had its first television station on October 31, 1959 before some Western  countries like Albania and New Zealand. Yet, in July, 2021, its National Assembly voted overwhelmingly that the country must not transmit election results electronically.

Don’t be deceived that this is the state of Nigerian development. You can be sure that a country that began public television transmission 62 years ago, can at least, transmit election results from polling booths to collation centres.   The truth is that like in most African countries, democracy is reduced to  the motion of voting, and he who is announced the highest vote scorer, regardless of   whether actual votes were casted or counted, win the elections and the public treasury.

So, governance in many African countries including Nigeria is very difficult because the art of rigging…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper