We need to assist one another to alleviate poverty — AbdulLateef




•As Jaiz Foundation doles out N10m to 75 needy

Imam Abdul Hakeem Abdul Lateef has commended Jaiz foundation for the empowerment initiative to the needy in the society while urging other non-governmental organizations to engage in similar projects by assisting people around them.

According to the former Lagos State Commissioner for Home Affairs, Poverty is one of the major cause of crime in society.

“The fact that so many people are idle and challenged would encourage crime. This sort of initiative will greatly reduce that.”

During his lecture on Zakat, Sadaqah and You, Imam Abdul Lateef said Zakat, one of the pillars of Islam was established by Allah to ensure the even distribution of wealth between the rich and the poor.

“Nigeria has so much but people have flagrantly disregarded the need to give even within their immediate family. People rather outshine one another in irrelevancies and show off. Allah blessed us so we can be charitable to the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper