Sunday Dare speaks: My Tokyo 2020 Olympic story


Sunday Dare speaks: My Tokyo 2020 Olympic story

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By Sunday Dare, Minister of Sports,

Not wanting to add to the public distraction, I have deliberately waited until the end of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games before making any observations regarding the various reports on Nigeria’s participation in the quadrennial games.

  1. This was out of respect for our athletes who had committed so much effort and made such considerable personal sacrifice in order to represent our nation as best as they could. Overall, we should be proud of Team Nigeria and the effort they made. The bottom line is that these games should always be about the athletes and the spirit of friendly competition and excellence the Olympics are meant to engender.
  2. Sadly, some people seem not to have embraced either the good cause of our national athletic pursuits or the collegial and noble spirit that the Olympics promote.
  3. The rancour and confusion some people seem intent on sowing are terribly out of place given the impressive performance of our team and good spirit…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper