Nigerian Embassy to the Vatican and Ambassador Adikwu


George Adimike
George Adimike

By Fr George Adimike

The emergence of embassies, consulates and permanent missions in foreign lands has arguably served an excellent purpose for citizens. It has responded to the need for paternal care, serving security and consular needs. It has been dissipating anonymity associated with being in foreign nations, thus, creating a home away from home.

Their existence offers the citizens sufficient care to feed their patriotism and enable them to thrive and become enough support to develop and express their gifts. Beyond being representatives and advocates and agents of progress and well-being for their citizens in the host communities or countries, embassies are international and intercommunity image-making agencies and bureaux.

To be true image-making agencies, the personnel at the embassies, as much as possible, have to embody the values and images they need to communicate. But, unfortunately, embassies perform these tasks with varying degrees of success. No wonder…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper