Protecting the nation’s vital institutions


Protecting the nation’s vital institutions

Garba Shehu: Nigeria, death and ‘the presidency’ {Opinion}


By Ayinde Alaba

African nations often turn to the Northern Hemisphere for lessons on how to erect a society with citizens enjoying prosperity, ruled by a responsive and responsible government and relishing the respect of its neighbours and the global community.

It is assumed that some ‘magic’ tool was applied by these nations to attain that enviable level; that some genii, as in an Arabian tale, were released from a bottle to mystically grant the ‘prosperity wishes’ of the leaders of those nations.

But when then US President Barack Obama visited Ghana in 2009, he gave a speech that debunked that myth. He told the Ghanaian parliament that the key to the economic success of nations is less emphasis on personalities and concentration on what he called ‘’stronger government” to decide ‘’the future of the people”. Obama then dropped the kernel: “Africa doesn’t need strong men, it needs strong institutions.”

Simply put, a nation would automatically thrive and…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper