COVID-19 vaccine and nursing mothers: What authorities say




The COVID-19 pandemic, going into its 3rd year, has come with an incredible amount of controversy, and the uncertainties are not waning. The development of a vaccine has not made the facts any clearer. 

Pregnant and nursing mothers in particular, are desperately searching for answers, particularly as vaccine trials are typically not performed on breastfeeding mothers.  Should nursing mothers take the COVID vaccine? This is what the authorities say:

It is highly recommended —WHO

“Based on all the evidence that we have, it is not only safe for breastfeeding mothers to be vaccinated, but it is also highly recommended. It is important for her own health that she be protected from COVID-19 and that she’s able to take care of her family as best as possible and doesn’t get too sick. There is no evidence that the vaccine would allow for the virus to be transmitted to the child. And there is no reason that the vaccine would be any less effective in a breastfeeding…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper