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What Does Naija Mean
Naija means Nigeria and it can be written as 9ja which are both short forms of writing Nigeria. The other definition of Naija can be interpreted as other things, usually in Nigerian music or movies. The word naija is a noun and it is mainly used in the Nigerian entertainment industry. The word Naija is an informal way of writing Nigeria, and it usually has no other meaning apart from this.

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Naija No Dey Carry last means that Nigerians are always winning in whatever they do.

Over the next twenty years, Nigeria will experience a huge growth in the number of young adults in its society. If these young people are healthy, well educated, and find productive employment, they could boost the country’s economy and reinvigorate it culturally and politically. If not, they could be a force for instability and social unrest.

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Source: Vanguard Newspaper