Nigeria at 61: Time for introspection


Nigeria at 61

By Ikechukwu Amaechi

ON Friday, October 1, Nigeria will be 61 years. Whether in the life of an individual or a nation, diamond jubilee is a milestone. Adding one more year is even more consequential and ideally, the drums should be rolled out. But that will be ill-advised. Why? Because there is nothing to celebrate right now.

Agreed, there are some who will argue that the fact that Nigeria still remains united even after a brutal 30-month fratricidal war is enough reason to push the boat out. But when a country is held together by force of arms and not the consent of the federating units, the sense of unity becomes delusional.

Others use the incredible accomplishments of Nigerians – men and women – in the arts, sciences, sports, technology and commerce – as a totem pole to hoist the country’s greatness. But while it is true that Nigerians, individually, are excelling globally, they are pulling off those extraordinary feats in spite of, not because of the opportunities provided…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper