Ways to support your child’s English Diction at home


Child diction

By Olubukola R.B Agbalaya

More and more parents want their children to learn the correct manner in which English words are pronounced earlier enough.

I often meet parents of children as young as two or three who say that proficiency in speaking English will help their children get ahead in a globalised world.

In other words, the sooner a child get started to learning the correct pronunciation of English words, the better.

In Nigeria today, most parents pay for their kids Diction classes, which is commendable.  However, learning and practising at school isn’t enough to improve a child’s English pronunciation.

Children need to speak and practice English Diction at home to get favourable results. Parents play a critical role in a child’s language development, and the single most important factor in a  child’s success in English pronunciation is the parents’ interest and encouragement, no matter the child’s age.

So what can parents do at home to support their children’s…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper