Aniefiok Umoh, the ultimate NAMA director of finance and accounts



By Dan Aibangbe

MANY people probably did not witness the comet that flashed across the Nigerian Airspace on August 8, 2021. NIMET did not see it coming either – for the elements had assumed a riotous mien! It is common knowledge that the man at the centre of the storm gets to hear the news last!

The late Mr. Umoh, one of their own, was full of life. So, it is no wonder that they could not foretell his passage! From my vintage point as an outside observer, I saw the esoteric phenomenal passage of this gentle giant, despite the gloomy skies, the deluge around us and the cacophony of death in which our nation is now submerged.

I heard the quiet bristle of Umoh’s transition louder than a thunderstorm. So, I decided to journalise what I have seen and known about this spectral colossus!

The late Mr. Aniefiok Umoh, native of the Akwa Ibom State, was born in Nigeria’s year of independence, 1960. He had his early childhood and education in Lagos before moving out to Ghana for his…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper