Gains of joint efforts against insurgency



By Barnabas Joshua

THE tide has definitely turned in the protracted war of attrition against Boko Haram insurgents and their bandit offshoots. The insurgents have been dropping their weapons and surrendering in droves under awesome firepower, while the bandits have abandoned forests as they face a new normal of non-kinetic assaults that AK47s cannot counter. These turn-around events are results of strategic transformations in operational strategies of our defence and security forces.

The balance of terror has dramatically and effectively tilted against the terrorist-insurgents as the battle has been brought to their dens and hideouts in a retaliatory recourse to “unconventional tactics” by the gallant defence and security forces.

Riding motor-bike convoys under the cover of thick forests to launch heartless attacks on sleeping villagers, rustling their livestock and barns and then kidnapping them for ransom was the bandits’ unconventional streak. Thus, endless “asymmetric”…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper