Babandede: Re-imagining and remaking Immigration



By Dakuku Peterside

THE public sector in Nigeria is not a hopeless case, as we are sometimes all made to believe. It may not be effective and efficient, and this reflects on the quality of services – whether you need a permit to operate your business, taking a jab for COVID-19, going for a new e-passport, processing a driver’s licence, or even paying your tax, you are likely to encounter unfriendly, insouciant, and inept public servants operating in an uninspiring and disorderly manner.

However, amid these, there has been a gradual emergence of a new generation of forward-looking, reform-minded public servants that raise the bar of optimism that Africa and especially Nigeria, can be an effective and efficient institution model. The Dora Akunyilis, Ngozi Okonjo- Iwealas, Ifueko Omogui-Okaraus, Oby Ezekwesilis, are shining examples of leaders who proved that reforming public institutions to deliver services effectively and efficiently is possible. 

The cacophony of noise…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper