PASSPORT CRISIS: Private firm to the rescue [Opinion]


.Nigerian Passport

By Sule Ya’u Sule

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is on point on this; his views resonate with trends in developed and the developing world on the role private firms can play in a nation’s economic development.

“It is the private sector”, said Professor Osibajo at the commissioning of BUA’s Sokoto Cement plant in July 2018, “not the government, that will ultimately drive Nigeria’s economic growth”.

True, and this does not require much elaboration. The woeful performance of public companies in Nigeria and elsewhere have been well documented and formed the basis for the massive privatization exercise that has liberated numerous sectors of the economy from the shackles and lethargies of non-performance.

What has taken place in the telecommunications and financial sectors is nothing short of a revolution. The performance of private firms in the telecommunications and financial sectors has validated Vice President Osibanjo’s assertion.

Since the liberalization of those…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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