The new VAT combat is a protest (4)


Eric Teniola
Eric Teniola

By Eric Teniola

Last week’s instalment focused on the government’s realisation of its responsibility of diversifying the revenue base from petroleum related taxes

FEES for oil pipeline licences, haulage fees and all such fees prevalent in the oil industry but not limited to the above listed. Second Schedule Sections 3(4) Supplementary Provisions Relating To The Board Proceedings of the Board I.

Subject to this Act and section 27 of the Interpretation Act, the Board shall have power to regulate its proceedings and may make standing orders with respect to the holding of its meetings, and those of its committees, notices to be given, the keeping of minutes of its proceedings, the custody and production for inspection of such minutes and such other matters as the Board may, from time to time determine. 2.(1)

There shall be at least four ordinary meetings of the Board in every calendar year and subject thereto, the Board shall meet whenever it is convened by the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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