EndSARS – moving forward


EndSARS, protest in Nigeria

By Sunny Ikhioya

MANY saw it coming but, never in the dimension that it finally manifested itself. The youths had become an endangered species during the reign of the SARS regime. When your child says that he is travelling, your mind is not at rest until he gets to the destination and calls to say that he has arrived safely. Such was the situation, that an ordinary laptop or a simple android phone on your hand can attract the attention of the SARS officer on our highways.

Some of them were profiled by their looks or clothing. In the mad rush to get at these, so called “Yahoo boys”, so many youths were harassed, bastardised and even killed. It was just a matter of where the backlash will come from them.

People had trended the hashtag Endsars before now to no effect but that of October 20, 2020, was spontaneous. Ignited by an incident in Ughelli, Delta State, the whole country caught up within minutes. Yes, it is true, the government escaped a revolution that would…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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