How IoT connectivity ‘ll improve Nigerian economy


internet of things

By Prince Osuagwu

Everything about the internet of things, IoT is about the ease of doing things

Experts in the technology profession are saying that the easy will transform to economic boost if countries like Nigeria could take advantage of it on all aspects of economic management.

IoT is a network of electronic devices that are interconnected in order to exchange information. The main purpose of IoT is to access and operate the gadgets from a distance with little or no human assistance. IoT-equipped gadgets are connected to each other through the internet and are designed to exchange data with each other to perform remote operations.

These interconnected devices or electronic gadgets are often referred to as ‘things’. Most of the electronic devices consist of embedded sensors. These sensors are used to emit data and tell about the status of the device. IoT establishes a common site for all the devices to dump their data and provides a common language for…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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