A new Nigeria: Harnessing the power of the youths



By  Tiwalade Omotosho

NIGERIA is currently undergoing a birthing process. Its emergence as a new and potentially powerful nation will send shock waves globally. An essential player in this transition process is the youth.

Youths are the evolvers of economic, social, political, and cultural transformation and the drivers of change. According to the 2019 National Youth Policy, Nigerian youths were classified as people between 15 – 29 years.

With a youth population of 27 per cent, as reported by statista.com, Nigeria is more youthful than each of the top three global economic powers – the US, China, and Japan. Unfortunately, this advantage has not significantly influenced this nation’s economic prosperity, social unity, and political stability.

It is critically essential to re-educate every Nigerian on the role of the youths in the building and development of the nation.When young people are ostracised from political processes, they contribute little or…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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