Time to make peace with IPOB


IPOB has no link with Biafra National Guard― Emma Powerful
IPOB Umuchukw unified 1

By Doyin Okupe 

The anambra state elections is no doubt a security nightmare and a major cause for concern for many Nigerians.

Wether we like it or not, the IPOB has become an established ” army of resistance ” for the self determination group in the southeast. 

Also we must come to accept that the BIAFRA ideology has come to stay. 

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Although it is self evident that the major stakeholders of these movements are predominantly youths, the adult themselves share the concerns of these fighting youths even though may prefer a different approach to achieving the same goals.

Unfortunately also, concurrent events in the nation make the counsels of the elders untenable and therefore unacceptable to the warring youths .

The police has deployed 34, 000  officers. We do not know the numbers for the military and civil defence institutions.

To the average citizens in anambra this militarization…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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