Awo’s legacy still lives on (2)


Eric Teniola
Obafemi Awolowo

By Eric Teniola

This is the continuation of last week’s piece on Awo’s legacies and his disciples scattered all over the world

FOR those who lived in that era, it was a romantic experience never to be forgotten. Apart from free education at that time, there was the emergence of co-operative societies and farm settlements. Even then, students preferred the scholarship of Western Nigeria to that of the Federal Government. 

The applause at the end of the play was fantastic. Chief Awolowo died 34 years ago, but his legacy still lives on. Great writers have written so much about Chief Awolowo before and after his demise. I remember Chief Tola Adeniyi, Odia Ofeimun, Reuben Abati, Ayo Opadokun, Dare Babarinsa, Chief Ayo Ojewunmi, Lade Bonuola, Sola Odunfa, Gbolabo Ogunsanwo, Femi Ogunsanwo, Banji Ogundele, Bayo Osiyemi, Peter Ajayi, Dayo Sobowale, Felix Adedapo Adenaike, Martins Oloja, Adegbamigbe Akinlaya, Wunmi Adegbonmire (alia Omo Ekun), Agboola Sanni, Nduka Onum,…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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