Edo political class under the sword of damocles


Edo criminals

Edo criminals

By: Washington Osa Osifo, Ph.D.

Every upward looking society crave for good leadership. Indeed great leaders are most wanted for what they could do with their gifts and talents to revolutionize development . Their dreams and visions are always so distinctly unique that even in times of drift, their mere presence instill hope and confidence.

In that quest, sometimes, a shot in the dark occurs resulting in fortuitous satanic contraption. Edo State has just now been entrapped in such a hellish cobweb. Statecraft has suddenly become rocket science while security of lives and properties are attended with laissez faire attitude.

Government promises on paper are advertised with bold face as monumental achievements at national fora to the chagrin of dumbstruck populace. Worse still, is that, the tyrannic display of executive powers to inflict deep wounds on citizens is phenomenal and has continued to fuel a feeling of imminent catastrophic slip into the precipice.

In the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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