National Carrier Licence: Lest we forget


Crafting a fitting message for the telecoms industry
Crafting a fitting message for the telecoms industry
Okoh Aihe

By OKoh Aihe

MY children still mock me when I tell them the first time I used a phone was when I was in my first year in the university. Like most of their colleagues, they may never understand why our world was like that, whether we were some kind of aliens trying to find reason in a world that was moving too fast for us to understand.

What they will be finding out now is that in our kind of country nothing is guaranteed, not even constitutional rights. Even the ones guaranteed under the Constitution are willfully taken away by those who play God.

A friend who belongs to the profession which says every other profession is unlearned apart from the one they practice, schooled me on Monday morning when he told me that in some countries of the world, like the United States and part of the Scandinavian countries, telecommunications service is a fundamental right which permits the people to take legal action when denied.

In Nigeria it was never so, and it is…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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