Uche Ogbodo gushes over hubby, goes romantic


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Uche Ogbodo

By Sylvester Kwentua

Beautiful and sexy Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, has made no secret of her undying love for her husband, as she recently called him sweet names on Instagram, while vowing to hold onto him for as long as possible.

“For this life eeh , hold who hold you tight and E get why…My Oyibo Peperenpe .” Uche, who posted a romantic picture of her and her husband, wrote.

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Meanwhile, Uche Ogbodo has come down hard on those who try to control what she posts on social media, asking them to mind their business.

The Enugu State-born entertainer, who obviously was pissed off, maintained she makes posts on social media according to her mood.

She said, “I upload posts based on how I feel. I might not post negative parts of my life but whatever I post is true. I am a real person and I don’t like deceiving people or faking it until I make it. I am naturally a happy…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper