Effective family planning, panacea to tackling mother-to-child HIV infection




Women speak out

By Sola Ogundipe

At most PMTCT sites in Nigeria, family planning services are offered as part of the PMTCT programme centred on antenatal care and maternal and child health services. Part of the package is family planning counselling and information on contraceptive methods.

Generally, family planning counselling and services are part of PMTCT routine care services for all pregnant women, irrespective of their HIV status clients.

At the PMTCT sites visited in Lagos, family planning is clearly articulated as an important strategy to reduce mother-to-child transmission. Healthcare providers explained that opportunities are not missed to provide clients with family planning counselling.

Most of the women encountered by Good Health Weekly said they were using injectable contraceptives. From the findings, women that are living with HIV are just as likely to use family planning methods as the women that are HIV negative.


Source: Vanguard Newspaper