On security and contentment at Christmas


Dakuku Peterside
Dakuku Peterside

By Dakuku Peterside

Though a Christian celebration, Christmas has turned into a cosmopolitan, cultural and social celebration marked and enjoyed worldwide by different religious adherents. In Nigeria, a religiously diverse nation, many homes, Muslims, Christians, and traditional religion practitioners, celebrate the spirit of friendship and comradery among different people, enjoy harmless fun, exchange gifts, and share the love that is the hallmark of Christmas.

The frenzy of Christmas and New Year celebrations will soon remove our attention from more immense socio-economic challenges pushing Nigeria to the edge. Nigerians never allow any political, economic, or social condition to dampen their Christmas and New Year spirit as they enter the festivities celebration mood, especially starting from the first week in December.

No matter what the year has brought, people go into Christmas and New Year celebrations with renewed hope for the bright future of…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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