Covid-19: Between religion, science and common sense



By Sunny Ikhioya

It is becoming increasingly confusing: people do not know which camp to pitch tent between the supernatural and natural, reality and myth, empiricism versus faith and science against religion.

You can feel, touch, smell, taste and see with science, but religion is in the realm of ‘invisible reality‘. We have witnessed waves of COVID-19 pandemic, which has undergone different mutations, with the Omicron variant being the latest. Yet, the world is still in the dark about where and when all of this will end.

The COVID-19 pandemic also manifested itself in other areas like politics- as witnessed in the United States of America between the Donald Trump-led Republicans and the ruling Democrats.

The Daily Post of December 4, 2021 had this headline: “COVID-19 affected my fight against corruption, insecurity – Buhari” . The effect on the economy has caused a redirection of the world order, new ways of doing things, virtual transactions and…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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