My daughter-in-law takes out her frustration on her kids


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Dear Bunmi,

My daughter-in-law uses bad language when she shouts at my three grandchildlren – all under eight. She uses horrible swear words then warns them not to mention it to their father.  As a result, the kids are frightened of her and withdrawn.  When my son asks them what’s wrong, they eventually reveal their secret.

This infuriates her more and they get another mouthful of abuse from their mother.  My grandchildren are well loved and cared for otherwise.  They mean the world to my son though he can be difficult to live with.  I’m so worried.

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Dana, by e-mail.

Dear Dana,

You’re right to be worried about your daughter-in-law.  Because she’s dissatisfied with her lot and your difficult son, she hands her children pain and anguish.  Don’t tolerate this cruel behaviour.  The hurt these kids know now will shape their future lives.

Find a time…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper