DSO: Reformatting the Kano model for better results


Crafting a fitting message for the telecoms industry
Digital Switchover
Okoh Aihe

By Okoh Aihe

THE Digital Switchover, DSO, went to Kano State early in the month with some reloaded swagger and a little twist in the tale which at once looked very positive and promising.

The November 2, 2021, Kano launch survived an interim executive before being executed in style by a broadcast boss who is trying to execute his game plan in a distinguished manner. It is to his credit that he has faithfully subscribed to the ageless maxim that “government is a continuum.”

The DSO which is one of the cardinal projects of this administration is a legacy project that couldn’t be executed in the lifespan of one government. So having inherited it from the Jonathan government, the Buhari government made it a major project and promised to execute it with prompt and panache.

The administration was probably attracted by the capacity of the transition technology to affect the entire human ecosystem; yes, anybody would be enchanted by its capacity to…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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