The rumoured return of President Jonathan




The rumours have intensified. The idea that president Jonathan can defect to the APC to dream of being president in 2023 is supposed to be fantastical, preposterous.

But in Nigeria, our politics can sometimes go from tigbuo-zogbuo  to abject clownishness.

Perhaps that was why we were once described as the happiest people in the world—something we might have earned from being flighty and flimsy. 

Indeed, if Jonathan dreams of returning, it can’t be through the PDP. His PDP is now a  bolekaja.  Unfortunately, President Jonathan and his evangelical spokesmen have not bothered to socially distance themselves from the gossip. But Jonathan shouldn’t feel ashamed.

It’s not entirely his fault that the behemoth he helped build, which was supposed to champion democracy in Africa, has now become a  kabukabu, unfit to transport him to Aso villa.

If President Jonathan does the unthinkable, he will say he did it for national unity. National unity has been misused…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper