Who is the next King, if Olubadan passes on?


BREAKING: Olubadan dies at 93
BREAKING: Olubadan dies at 93

By Hon. Femi Kehinde

This is Nigerian Broadcasting service- (B’olu badan ba ku ta ni o joye?) (who is the next king, if the Olubadan passes on); ojogede dudu inun takun (he eats an unripe plantain and suffers stomach discomfort); ko so ni gbese ni bi lo si le keji (there is no debtor here, go to the next house) and Eko je Ibadan lowo 130 (Lagos owes Ibadan 130 thousand pounds)” was the signature tune of the Radio Nigeria Broadcasting Service.

This signature tune was the drumming ingenuity and creativity, since 1956, of no other person, than the drummer king, Oba John Adetoyese Laoye 1, Timi of Ede (December 1946 –May 16 1975). Radio services in the Western Region of Nigeria had been popularised by the Government of Obafemi Awolowo in 1955, when he brought redifussion boxes, for the listening pleasure, of the people of the Western Region.

It was a repeater one channel radio broadcast signals which brought news, commentaries and general entertainment…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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