How to enjoy the things you like without feeling guilty



By Bunmi Sofola

Some of the most ‘saintly’ assumptions could play havoc with your health.

Here’s why new findings believe you should drop the good-girl act and have fun keeping healthy:

You’ve cut out sweets and chocolate:  If you’re trying to lose weight, not eating chocolate and other sweet food is a good idea but putting them on a list of food no-no can seriously backfire and ruin your weight-loss efforts.

The reason? Deprive yourself of something and you’re more likely to binge.  In fact, researchers have found that successful dieters who lost weight and kept it off, didn’t ban any food and allowed themselves regular treats.

Instead: The key is to limit your intake to small amount and fulfil your urge by opting for truly decadent options – a small slice of super-rich chocolate cake is much more satisfying than lots of tasteless biscuits.

You rarely miss a day at the Gym: If you think never taking a breather from your workout makes you…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper