‘Agbo’: Experts express mixed reactions over efficacy


Herbal medicine, Nigerians, organs
Herbal medicine, Nigerians, organs

Medical experts have expressed mixed reactions over the efficacy of local herbs combination popularly known as “Agbo” in Yoruba language as alternative to orthodox medicine for the treatment of different ailments.

The herbs and roots combination can be seen in many towns and cities being hawked by women and mostly bought and consumed by men to solve one medical condition or the other.

The sellers of the herbs and roots claim it can cure pile, arthritis, malaria, fever, among others.

However, some experts told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that they are worried about the negative impact of the drink on peoples’ health.

Dr Chine Chisom, a Neurologist at the National Hospital Abuja (NHA), said most of the herbal preparations were not refined, hence, they should not be relied upon.

She added that “another thing is that there is no dosage as to the quantity one can use and because of this, it causes a lot of havoc to the body.

“It can be…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper