War and a nation groping for the right direction


For DSO, a new life in a season of expectations

For DSO, a new life in a season of expectations

By Jerome-Mario Utomi

In time past, war was considered a  lawful violence so far it meets with these three conditions: waged by the lawful public authority in defense of the common good,  waged for a just cause, and waged with the right intention, not vengefully to inflict harm’. Today, the argument does not hold water and faces a number of embarrassing facts. In fact, emphasis is shifting. Strategic insights from religious and global communities have brought about structural changes in such concept and gradual displacements of this long-held view about war.

For those with religious inclinations, warfare can no longer be supported or trusted as means of conflict resolution as the consequence of such exercise or the degree of casualties cannot be predicted. In its place, they suggest gospel and moral suasion as a way forward. For the global community, particularly the development advocates, any nation desirous of development, growth or survival must not only prevents civil…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper